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Our Communication Geeks


RF Gear 2 Go is the radio and satellite communication division of Cybergear, Inc., which was founded in Arizona in June of 1998.  Several years later, Craig (N7LB) and Danette Carnahan (W7WBE), both Amateur Radio Extra Class license holders, founded RF Gear 2 Go as a small communications dealer geared toward mobile and emergency communication products.  We don't claim to be the largest dealer of radio or satellite communication products, but we do understand how difficult it can be for some folks to get started and sort through all of the confusing product information, questionable online reviews, misleading range or distance statements, and product comparisons. 


We add products to our portfolio when we see a real consumer value, which includes our ability to support the customer after the sale.  Having access to Cybergear's 1.3 million products also allows us to select various third-party products (like solar panels, rack mount boxes, commercial towers, etc.) to customize a unique solution to solve your particular communication challenge.

Custom Radio Programming Services

Many customers find the hardest part in purchasing a new radio is getting it programmed for their local area.  We offer programming services on many of the two-way radios we sell (so you don't have to spend hours entering frequencies, CTCSS or PL tones, DCS information, frequency off-sets, etc.).  Be sure to ask us how we can customize your new radio and eliminate hours of work for you, even adding your name or callsign to the radio's LCD (when available).

Paying It Forward

Many folks remember the tragic loss of the Prescott, AZ based "Granite Mountain Hotshot" crew of 19 Wildland Firefighters just a few years ago (June 30, 2013). 


What generally is not as well known is how poorly equipped (communication wise) those crews were.  Not a single crew member had a satellite phone, a GPS tracker, or even a GPS equipped personal locator beacon (PLB), which might have helped saved their lives that terrible day.   A simple low cost satellite phone, GPS tracker, or a GPS equipped PLB would have given the authorities the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew's precise location within seconds.  


We decided right then to donate a portion of every programmed radio and satellite phone we sell to the Idaho based "Wildland Firefighter Fund".  We hope our efforts will help (in some small way) to make a difference to their families.

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