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Cross-Band Repeater Instructions for the TYT TH-UV8000D V4 HT

Courtesy of Craig - N7LB

Founder of RF Gear 2 Go


First, not all TYT TH-UV8000D radios have the cross-band repeat function supported in the radio's firmware (all current versions shipped by RF Gear 2 Go have been tested by us prior to shipment to ensure that you get the latest radio firmware, thus allowing the cross-band repeater function to work).  To ensure that each unit has been tested prior to shipment, we record each radio's serial number after testing and before shipment to the customer.


Second, for those new to two-way radio

communications, a cross-band repeater needs

several MHz of separation between the transmit

and receive frequencies in order to perform

correctly, so while an expensive commercial

repeater costing several thousand dollars can

have transmit and receive frequencies just 600

KHz apart on VHF (using expensive receiver

cavities to separate the two close-by signals, see

picture on right) that's just not feasible in a small

hand-held radio like the TYT TH-UV8000D, so the

radio designers use many MHz of frequency

separation to accomplish the same task (plus it

costs a lot less and removes many pounds of

weight - cavities are heavy).

Third, the cross-band repeat function in the new

V4 of the TYT TH-UV8000D radio will operate in

both directions automatically, meaning that a signal

heard on your selected VHF frequency will be

instantly re-transmitted on your selected UHF

frequency, and vice-a-versa.


Fourth, hand-held radios do not have cooling fans (just a relatively small heat sink vs. their mobile radio counterparts that have both a larger heat sink and a fan for cooling), so it's highly recommended that you keep your cross-band transmissions as short in duration as possible and NOT use high power unless absolutely necessary.  Since one advantage of the TH-UV8000D radio is that it comes with a higher performance (and longer) gain antenna, try using the low power setting when using the cross-band repeat function whenever possible.  Not only will that help preserve battery life, but your radio will be much cooler and the battery will last longer as well.


Fifth, the example that follows will show you how to set up a cross-band repeat function in VFO mode (vs. channel or memory mode) in the new V4 TH-UV8000D radio, but both modes will work with the cross-band repeat function (when properly set up).  The cross-band repeat function also supports CTCSS (or PL) tone encoding if you choose to use it.

  • Set your top VFO A with your VHF frequency of choice (between 136-174 MHz)

  • Set your bottom VFO B with your UHF frequency of choice (between 400-520 MHz)

  • Push the "F" (function button) and either enter 11 on your keypad or turn your channel  knob to Menu 11

  • Push the "F" (function button) again to activate Menu 11 and change the option shown to "ON"

  • Push the "U/V" button to exit the Menu selection choice and your display will once again show your two chosen frequencies (or memories).


Your cross-band repeat function is now active.  Any signal heard on your VHF frequency will be repeated by the radio to your UHF frequency (and vice-a-versa).  Be sure to remember to turn off the cross-band function before changing your frequencies or when done with your cross-band repeater use. Simply go back to Menu 11 and change the option back to “OFF”.


Remember, not all TYT TH-UV8000D radios have the cross-band repeat function supported in the radio's firmware.  You need to have the latest radio firmware in the TYT radio for this cross-band feature to work, and most of the radio's available on the internet are sold by folks that don't test their radios prior to shipment and haven't a clue of how they really work.  Before you ask, TYT dealer's can't upgrade the firmware in older models.  Yes, the TYT factory "could", but the cost to you would easily exceed the cost of a new radio.  (I personally own an older version 3 of the TYT TH-UV8000D radio that doesn't support the cross-band function, and I have no plans to sell it, as I also own a more expensive Wouxun KG-UV8D Plus hand-held that also supports the cross-band repeat function.  I don't see the need to have two radios with that same function).


Be aware that many seller's are quick to stock up on factory close-outs (usually older versions of various radios), quick to use various third-party national warehouses to ship their products, plus the various Chinese manufacturer's (Baofeng, TYT, Wouxun, and many others) are slow to change model numbers (or even part numbers) on their boxes, so unless a dealer is willing to physically test each new radio prior to shipment, neither of you really knows what's in your radio box being shipped (as far as what features are in your new radio).  Chinese vendors sometimes list product features on their boxes that aren't even included “yet”.  Many buyers are also surprised to learn that not all Chinese radios support 2T/5T functionality either.


Many U.S. and Canadian buyer's have learned (the hard way) that the lowest internet price doesn't usually provide the best overall value, or as the Roman's warned long ago, "Caveat Emptor", or let the buyer beware.  In today's internet crazy world, that phase is more truthful now that ever before, especially when you consider the cost of shipping a defective product back to China at your expense.


"If" the cross-band repeat function is on your "must-have" feature list (and I admit it is a handy feature when you want to stretch out your communication range), look for the latest V4 (or 4th generation) model of the TYT TH-UV8000D radio from RF Gear 2 Go.

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