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Programming Services


After the excitement of getting a new radio has passed, many new owners (and even some old-timers, if truth be told) find themselves staring at what seems like a mountain of bewildering instructions (sometimes with difficult to understand Chinese or Japanese manuals) and multiple procedures just to configure a programming cable or enter even one local repeater (or a simplex channel) to talk on.


This can cause large amounts of stress, as many of the steps necessary to really enjoy your new two-way radio seem like you'll need to return to school (or learn a foreign language) to program your new radio.  We can help eliminate that stress and quickly get you on the air, since most people realize time equals money, and an incorrectly programmed radio is equivalent to an electronic brick.


Wide-Area Coverage Templates

Proximity Area Templates


After analyzing all of the open and available repeaters within a predefined mileage area around your specific location (like this one for 60 miles around Phoenix, AZ),  we then develop a custom frequency template based on your radio's available memory locations.

Most states or provinces have longer range (or linked) repeaters available.


We analyze multiple repeater lists to create various Wide-Area Coverage (WAC) repeater

listings unique to your particular state or

Canadian province.

Travel Route Templates
Sometimes it's nice just to have a listing of repeaters available to you when traveling.  We analyze all of the repeaters available within a pre-set distance (North, South, East, and West) of your planned travel route to create a frequency template that fits your radio.
Linked Repeater Templates


Many owners enjoy having their radios filled with various IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Protocol) frequencies that allow their radio to "link" to another repeater or simplex frequency even if it's in another country. 


We can create a template that provides you with IRLP nodes that match your unique communication requirements.

Outdoor Templates


Some owners prefer their radios have FRS, GMRS, Marine, MURS, NOAA Weather, or the local EMS/Fire/Police frequencies (when available) programmed into the radio (for their emergency communication needs), or just enjoy being able to listen in to what's happening around their area.

Satellite Phone Activation


Considered by many to be the ultimate in long-range, reliable OFF-GRID communications, we can easily activate a Globalstar phone and fit you to a low cost rate plan (starting at just $2.17 a day on a monthly rate plan, or just $3.33 a day for unlimited service - based on a monthly rate plan). 


Once you have experienced the freedom of having long-range off-grid communications with a satellite phone, many consider it an every-day carry (EDC) item and never leave home without it.

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