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Don't Buy a Satellite Phone (before reading this)....

Many folks consider the

ultimate in off-grid

communications to be a

satellite phone, but for

most folks the cost of the

Iridium phone (around

$1,100 USD), plus the cost

of the monthly contract

(which varies depending on

the number of minutes

purchased, but generally

costs several hundred

dollars or more per month),

usually meant satellite

phones were a dream only

the wealthy or the government could really afford – until now.

Before I tell you about the latest Globalstar sat phone plan, let me take a minute to fill in some background info.  There are primarily three sat phone providers that most U.S. customers consider when searching for a sat phone, which are Iridium (which was originally owned by Motorola), Inmarsat, and Globalstar. 

Iridium made history when their satellites were first launched in May of 1997, but just like dog years, a lot of changes happen in electronics within a relatively brief amount of time (no one runs DOS or Windows 3.1 anymore, but both computer operating systems were commonly used when Iridium’s system was first launced).

Every sat phone provider must fight the physics of space flight, so after years of the the constant pull of earth's gravity, space debris, and even lack of thrust (among other things), many of Iridium’s original 66 satellites have failed over the past several years, causing large gaps in their orbital coverage.  To combat these issues, Iridium has started to launch a series of newer, generation II satellites, with the plan to have their entire system replaced by the end of 2018, a very ambitious goal indeed.


During the past 20 years, several other companies have joined the satellite communications business as well, including Inmarsat and Globalstar, both of which have launched their own satellites.  Inmarsat tends to follow Iridium phone and monthly service plan pricing (at a slightly lower rate), while Globalstar chose to partner with Qualcomm several years ago to be able to finish launching their generation II satellites (and lower both their phone acquisition costs and monthly service plans), which brings me to this point:


Globalstar’s generation II series phone is normally priced at $499.00 (which compared to the Iridium $1,100 street priced phone, or the Inmarsat $640 phone, is still a bargain), but Globalstar has stated their goal is to become everyone’s sat service provider, so for a limited time you can get their latest 1700 series generation II phone for FREE (details below and here on our website), plus it also comes with a standard wall charger to recharge the user replaceable lithium-ion battery and at least 50 minutes per month of satellite service.


Some of you are now probably thinking, so what’s the catch? 

Yes, to qualify for the free Globalstar satellite phone, you must activate a 12-month service plan, but here’s where it gets interesting (if

                                                                          you are a smart shopper and can and                                                             can act quickly, as the promo time                                                                   time is limited).

                                                                          As stated previously, you can can                                                                    still purchase a Globalstar Globalstar                                                          1700 series generation II                                                                                  phone for $499.00.  Their                                                                                 smallest service plan is is                                                                       $49.99 per month (plus taxes)                                                                           or $599.88 per year (which                                                                               gets you 50 minutes a a                                                                       month of voice or data service or                       data                                        service), so your total cost cost                                                                  (phone plus 12-month service contract) would normally cost $1098.88 in year one (about $91.57 a month including the phone cost with 50 minutes of service per month).

Globalstar also offers an unlimited service plan (normally priced at $199.99 per month), so again adding the phone cost would bring your total to $2,898.88 (about $241.57 a month with unlimited service) – but no one should purchase a Globalstar generation II phone right now (under the older service plans) because of the new Globalstar promo I’m about to explain.


For a very limited time, Globalstar has dropped their standard unlimited monthly service plan from $199.99 a month to only $64.99 per month (plus taxes & network charges), which works out (based on a 30 day month) to approximately $2.17 a day for unlimited voice and data for their satellite service.  Based on a comparison we did for FEMA, a similar Iridium or Inmarsat unlimited service plan would cost over $3,200.00 a month (plus the cost of their sat phone, normally $1,100 for the Iridium or $640 for the Inmarsat phone). 


If you purchase the Globalstar unlimited plan (at the now highly discounted promo rate of $64.99 per month), not only will you get the world’s lowest priced unlimited satellite voice and data service plan on the world's first generation II satellite system, but Globalstar will give you their normally priced $499.00 phone for FREE.


As a bonus (this normally costs $10.00 a month extra on Iridium or Inmarsat), Globalstar will also provide your phone with a U.S. based phone number (which saves you - and the folks calling you -  a bunch of money, since incoming international calls on Iridium and Inmarsat phones can be as much as $8.00 a minute).


If you have always wanted the freedom of being able to contact your family and friends from nearly anywhere (even in the case of natural or man-made disasters), but were unable to justify the purchase price and monthly service fees of Iridium or Inmarsat satellite phone service, perhaps $2.17 a day is an easier cost to justify, especially if you are regularly outside of normal cell phone range, or you just enjoy the great outdoors (since no cell phone company spends $1.5 million to install and maintain a cell tower in the wilderness to allow Bambi to chat with Thumper).  

Your up-front cost to activate a phone is only $50 (which covers the phone's activation and shipping cost to you).  Give us a call toll-free at 866-448-4327 x300 today to get started with the ultimate in off-grid communications.

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